Dave Kinsey

Kinsey’s oeuvre encompasses painting, sculpture, works on paper, and outdoor murals. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world, Kinsey creates figurative abstractions, placing them in barren landscapes. Constructed from organically-shaped planes of flat color, these solitary forms recall a feeling of existentialist loneliness. Kinsey’s works convey a sense of a society in perpetual fragmentation through his use of abstraction, suggesting the illusions of a distorted reality.

As the artist states “As far back as I can remember, art has always been a place of self-expression, refuge, and understanding of the world around me. I’ve always known that at some point I would go back to that place. When I found this small isolated town, that could provide me a renewed platform to create without all distractions of my previous ventures, I jumped right in”. His next move came in 2016 when he relocated to San Diego, California where he now lives and works.

Website: www.dkinsey.com
Instagram: @dave_kinsey