Jamie Browne

Whiskey 8.0 Artist, Whiskey 8.25 Artist, Whiskey 8.5 Artist

Jamie Browne is a Sydney based artist whose illustrations blend the laid-back surf and skate lifestyle, with drinking culture and cheeky humour. Often incorporating wordplay, double meanings and playful illusions, Jamie’s work provides an escape to some far-off tropical isle where good times reign and you’re invited to catch your breath, catch a buzz and take life a little less seriously.

Jamie has created a wide range of work for bands, bars, beverages and brands including Volcom, where he worked for 7 years, 4 of which he spent living in sunny California before returning to Australia.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Jamie at the beach, skating around Sydney or just hanging out down the pub doodling on the back of coasters in between sips.

Check out his stuff or say g’day here @jamiebrowneart

Website: www.jamiebrowneart.com/work