Tyler Howell

Tyler Howell
Boards of Choice:
Shakedown 37
Santa Barbara, CA
Who else helps you out:
Caliber Truck Co. and These Wheels. Both Company’s make amazing products, and have been extremely helpful. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given!
I got my first skateboard when I was about 10 years old. I was always trying to get the feeling of surfing through my skating, first by learning to pump and throw slides in ditches, which eventually lead to my obsession with skating transition and pools for years. I was introduced to downhill skating by Arbor teammate, Eric Singer, a little over a year ago and have pretty much lived in the hills since that day.
Preferred Style of Skateboarding:
Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping and feels like a mixture of surfing and snowboarding. Fast, big, and always on the verge of sketchy.
What's Your Local Zone?
The beautiful hills of Santa BarbaraWorst Habit:
Always forgetting or loosing shit on skate trips.
Biggest Pet Peeve:
People who skate gnarly roads before they’re ready and cause the road to get blown up.
Worst Accident
Unfortunately I’m still recovering from breaking my ankle back in September on the 4th day of the Get Elevated Tour. In the last 3 years I’ve broken both ankles and had surgery on my left wrist from a break all due to park skating. Doesn’t make much sense, but for me I think downhill skating is safer and results in less injury. I’ll take road rash over broken bones any day!
Best part of Skating
Flying down epic hills getting sketchy with the homies and watching everyone kill it. But it’s also hard to beat having a rad sesh at a park or spot with a bunch of friends where everyone is throwing down and it turns into a progression session where new tricks are coming out left and right, and everyone is amped and going all out.
Lamest Part:
Breaking yourself off.
Best Event:
I haven’t been a part of the downhill scene for very long so I’ve only made it to a couple events. They’ve all been super fun, but Cathlamet Downhill Corral presented by Rip City Skate was by far my favorite! Three days packed with epic events and it’s a crazy party all weekend! The boardercross course this past year was unreal and fulfilled what I had been dreaming about since I was a grom, along with a rad downhill race, slide jam with kickers and lots of other fun comps. And, JP promises its only going to get better – Definitely looking forward to making it up to Washington again this year for that event along with many others.
Favorite Video:
There’s so many good movies out there, that’s hard. Probably have to say Liam Morgan Danger Riding; Throwing fat standup slides and riding switch at like 40+ with no shirt or gloves on a 22% grade… wtf!… Liam is a badass.
One Thing Every Skater Should Know:
There are a lot of roads out there that deserve respect. When skating bigger/ gnarlier roads with blind corners that you have to slide for you must feel you have the skill to slide and grip back up in your lane like your life depends on it, because it does! Skate safe, and within your skill level. Oh yeah, and SKATE EVERYTHING!
Tyler Howell
  1. Pilsner Artist - Hablak
    Pilsner Artist - Hablak

    L: 28.75" | W: 8.125" | WB: 15.00"

  2. Shakedown 37 Crosscut
    Shakedown 37 Crosscut

    L: 36.50" | W: 9.25" | WB: 18.75"

Tyler Howell
Tyler Howell