Month of Mark - Unzipped and Rendered

Whenever I read his social media handle (@cartercountry) I envision having the best job in town. As the director of Carter Country Chamber of Tourism, Leisure,and Commerce the illustrious territory it would be brought to life in a few short paragraphs inside the pamphlets at every truck stop, motel, diner and AAA office in a 100 mile radius. Truly a must see…

Mark Carter holding Arbor Snowboard

“Come to Carter Country and feel the earth move under your feet. A thriving utopia of wildlife, incredible eats, good times and great lines! The Carter Country community fosters an environment of creativity, healthy living, calculated risk, self-awareness, and an understanding of 'earning it' every step of the way... Finally, a place with a purpose and pulse that you will never stop exploring.”

Mark Carder Riding

Go visit. We’ve heard it is actually pretty nice this time of year ;) And in the meantime, grab your @CarterCountryMeats from the @Yeti, layer up in @Smartwool head to toe keeping the extremities toasty, bear the elements covered in the reliable weather resistance of @Thenorthface_snow and conquer the slop in @Vanssnow MTE while on the way out to throw the beef on the @Traeger, then press play on Mark Carter’s video part (above) and get inspired to ride your @arborsnowboard.

Mark Carter Riding

Photos by Markus Fischer (@fischi666) & Asher Koles (@bloodknots) Filming: Alex Pashley, Asher Koles, Dan Gibeau Editing:Asher Koles, Sena Black Music: Fader Mcgavin & The Risky Livers

Mark Carter is riding Clovis and Cypress Bindings

Thank you to all that participated in the Month of Mark!