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The Arbor Apparel Story

Arbor’s new FH19 Apparel Line builds on a tradition of blending performance, utility, comfort, and accountability.  Craftsmanship and versatility are built into every piece, creating apparel that works on your skate, in the woodshop, or on the road. This line expands on the success of our previous collections and introduces some new Arbor classics.

Look for an expanded range of utility inspired pants, jackets, and button-downs, which now include solids, chambrays, plaids, and of course our chamois collection. To complement our shirts, we’ve added multiple vests, and kept knit thermals in play. The tee shirt and fleece offering is still built using a range of sustainable materials, including our signature Bamboo Viscose based fabrics, which are featured on our growing basics program.

A portion of every piece sold will be donated to our Returning Roots Program - our founding initiative, which for the last 24 years has focused on rebuilding healthy forests, rather than simply planting trees.

Bamboo Based Garments

Organic 100% pesticide & GMO free
5x more absorption of CO2 than equivalent trees
3 times more moisture wicking than cotton
Improved UV protection

The Bamboo Plant

Highly Renewable
Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing plant that immediately starts to regrow after being harvested.  As a result, it delivers more raw material per acre than other source.

Sustainably Grown
Bamboo is naturally organic. It does not require pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, irrigation, GMOs, or machine-based cultivation to be commercially produced.

A Beneficial Alternative
By switching to Bamboo, we encourage the cultivation of a crop that improves soil quality, prevents erosion, and absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide than equivalent stands of trees.

Bamboo Viscose Products Offer

Real Performance
Bamboo is highly breathable and wicks perspiration 3x faster than cotton. It also provides improved UV protection and helps regulate body temperature in all conditions.

Radical Comfort
Bamboo viscose fiber is naturally smooth to the touch.  It delivers apparel that is softer, with a non-irritating hand.  Bamboo delivers a comfort that surpass other fabrics.

Worth Knowing
Arbor utilizes bamboo viscose that is extracted using allowable, non-organic
compounds approved by the USDA for products that meet their organic standards.

Arbor Daily Products - Made with Bamboo

Daily Bamboo Crew Indigo

Daily Bamboo Crew Off White

Daily Bamboo Crew Vintage Black

Daily Crew 2.0 Amber

Daily Crew 2.0 Indigo

Daily Bamboo Pullover Off White

Traceable Down

Leaf Icon

Staying Warm.

Created from recycled materials like plastic water bottles, which prevent waste from going to landfills.

100% traceable down Icon

The Ethos
Jacket & Vest

Made with 100% Traceable Down

Coming Soon

Returning Roots Logo

Not Just Planting Trees,
Rebuilding Forests.

The Arbor Collective has been committed to the protection of forests since day one. Our focus is the restoration of Hawaii’s native Koa highlands. The Hawaiians invented surfing as early as 800 years ago, on boards made from Koa wood. Through this important program, Arbor is giving back to the planet, and to the roots of the surf/skate/snowboard experience.