Inbound to Quebec City, a mecca of snowboard stardom, the Arbor team is brought together in anticipation of a big storm... The day is March 27th, 2019. Frank April FaceTime calls me... He says that Quebec has loads of snow and it’s time to put our crew to work. After...
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Arbor Partners with B4BC in Tahoe at Skate The Lake

Over 100 participants skated over 28 miles in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Tahoe to raise money for theBoarding For Breast Cancer Charity. Boarding For Breast Cancer's 15th Annual Skate The Lake has been a Lake Tahoe community favorite event, and one that Arbor has supported and participated in for...
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Introducing the Newly Redesigned Oso

The Arbor Oso is back with an updated shape that continues our tradition of drawing inspiration from our favorite 80’s pool shapes. The new design has a wider standing platform that makes this heritage cruiser ideal for relaxed around town commutes. A functional kicktail gives the Oso the right amount...
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