Arbor Snowboards :: Atsushi Hasegawa is Pro

"...authoritative STOMP that can only come from a Pro-shred caliber boarder. " Atsushi Hasegawa joins the ranks as Arbor Snowboards newest pro! Earning his residency among the best of the best with his broad-spanning snowboard influence that originated in Japan, he has since developed a style and fluidity of global...
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The High Project @ Mountain High

"...a project unlike anything we have ever seen before" Was that really just last week?! With plenty of fresh air, a mask mandate and 6 feet between each participant, the freestyle-inclined best of the best boarders, faithful to the steel, flocked to the nearly-metropolitan, suburban mountain town of Wrightwood California...
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25th Year Anniversary Giveaway

The Giveaway has ended, all Winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone that participated! You can still sign up below to be added to our Mailing List so you don't miss out on more Giveaways, and also stay up to date with Arbor News. * indicates required Email Address *...
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