Arbor Welcomes : Stefi Luxton

Welcome to Arbor Snowboards Stefi Luxton
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The New Shaper Series - Featuring Carver Trucks

Featuring Carver Trucks Arbor’s new Surfskates are an ultra-collaborative project with Carver trucks, who started the surfskate movement, and two of today’s most innovative surfboard shapers, Ryan Lovelace and Tyler Warren. When we first started making skateboards in the mid-90’s, it was nearly impossible to find a quality standard truck,...
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Greyson Fletcher - Leave Blood

Arbor is proud to announce its first two pro models with Greyson Fletcher, with the release of Leave Blood. The new edit, filmed in Greyson’s studio, and at his local San Clemente Skatepark, highlights Greyson’s skills as both a skateboarder and an artist. Arbor's mission is to reduce the impact...
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