New Greyson Fletcher  Pro Models

New Greyson Fletcher Pro Models

Greyson Fletcher's use of bold lines personify his perspective of art, culture, society, and staying true to his own perspectives of non-conformity. His reputation on a skateboard has traveled far. Today we highlight his art in this new Disguised and Nuclear Worm graphic offerings.

"The Good Kid Disguised as a Bad Kid to get into the party."
- Greyson Fletcher

L: 31.50” | W: 8.25" | WB: 14.25”

Sold out

Sold out

L: 32.125” | W: 8.50" | WB: 14.50”

Sold out

L: 32.75” | W: 8.75" | WB: 14.625”

Greyson's shape is built with a medium concave to provide a balance of board feel, while allowing mobility with foot placement.

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