New Greyson Fletcher Pro Models

Greyson Fletcher's use of bold lines personify his perspective of art, culture, society, and staying true to his own perspectives of non-conformity. His reputation on a skateboard has traveled far. Today we highlight his art in this new Disguised and Nuclear Worm graphic offerings.

"The Good Kid Disguised as a Bad Kid to get into the party."
- Greyson Fletcher

L: 31.50” | W: 8.25" | WB: 14.25”

Sold out

Sold out

L: 32.125” | W: 8.50" | WB: 14.50”

Sold out

L: 32.75” | W: 8.75" | WB: 14.625”

Greyson's shape is built with a medium concave to provide a balance of board feel, while allowing mobility with foot placement.