The Best Version of Me - John "Showtruck"

“I love how snowboarding heals me. It’s the one thing I feel I’m the best version of me. For those few moments I can express myself honestly. It helps me overcome fear and pushes me to be better. I love seeing the smiles on my friends faces after a powder...
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Yes, We're Open! - Support a shop if you can :: The Northwest

Jason Borgstede from Blue & Gold AK - Anchorage, AK Their existence is imperative to the well-being of snowboarding and will continue to be our foundation moving forward. Finding ourselves in wild and unforeseen times, we are wishing that you and yours are staying safe, healthy, aware, and empathetic as...
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Eddie Wall is our Product Manager

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Eddie Wall joins the Arbor Snowboard management team working alongside our founder Bob Carlson, general manager Charlie Mehrmann, our manufacturing partners, and athletes to innovate, fine tune, and mindfully craft the future of the brand’s offering. Eddie brings expertise, having participated in nearly every corner of the...
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