"The Midwest Homies are built different"

Finally it arrives! The follow up film from the Minnesota-based media publication, The Impaler Mag - HOMIE IMPROVEMENT - They scanned the primarily flat land for any sign of slope, hill, rail, wall, bonk, or bank and with this one we are pretty sure they got of most them. The Midwest Homies are built different. The talent that oozes from them with a casual style and competence that makes snowboarding in the street look easy. IT IS NOT. They tailor their skills on the hard packed, cold nights on the ropes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is a daily/nightly ritual that renders an unnatural understanding of sliding cold steel on a snowboard. Needless to say we are impressed to see what is possible with not much vert, good spots, good riders, and the good homies! - ENJOY :)

Mike Liddle Snowboarding
Mike Liddle Walking with snowboard

Rider:: Mike Liddle on the #ArborRelapse and #ArborDraft + #ArborHemlock bindings