Arbor Snowboards :: Atsushi Hasegawa is Pro

Atushi Hasegawa and board

"...authoritative STOMP that can only come from a Pro-shred caliber boarder. "

Atsushi Hasegawa joins the ranks as Arbor Snowboards newest pro!

Earning his residency among the best of the best with his broad-spanning snowboard influence that originated in Japan, he has since developed a style and fluidity of global magnitude.

While filming for his most recent feature, Pinball, Atsushi exemplified a mature / DEEP bag of tricks, unique spot selection and a confident, authoritative STOMP that can only come from a Pro-shred caliber boarder.

Welcome to the ARBOR SNOWBOARDS PRO TEAM Atsushi!  

Revisit Atsushi Hasegawa's PINBALL video below:

Bouncing off rails and sliding varying terrain with calculated fluidity and tactical precision - it turns out "Pinball" is actually a pretty good title for the new appointed pro's full part.

Atsushi Hasegawa affinity for urban physics earns him his degree in the streets. It's one thing to do it and it's another thing to make it look good. (The Westmark Rocker under his feet is helping) Never a dull moment in all 320 of them!

Have a watch, and the next time you find yourself walking down the stairs in a city, in Japan, in the winter, have a look over your shoulder... Atsushi might be coming to slide the rail right next to you :)