Arbor continues to collaborate with creatives and artists to build the fabric of the brand through a unique visual aesthetic and product.


Seattle-based / Venice regular, Samborghini creates iconic designs through a unique air-brush style finish. Rappers, reapers, skulls, and swooshes - Samborghini sparkles and makes it all hit differently.

Samborghini Artist Collab
Draft Snowboard

You'll love lapping the park in these. The Hemlock binding features an intuitive board feel and flex for better underfoot connectivity. It's a trip, or at least Mike Liddle thinks so. What compliments that Samborghini visual on the highback? The Draft Snowboard.

Carlos Mack
Carlos Mack

Residing in Ucluelet, British Columbia, Carlos Mack's artwork reflects his passion for outdoor guiding and commitment to restoring the Canadian Wilderness. As a member of Vancouver Island's indigenous, Toquaht Nation, there's a deep cultural focus through the history of fishing.

Carlos Mack Artist Collab
Sequoia Binding

Marie's Sequoia binding boasts utility, versatility, and sustainability… Just like her. Marie's proven ability on the steepest pitches lends itself to the confidence that comes with the Sequoia's brand-new BioStrap materials that replaces the use of harmful petrol plastics.

Jess Mudgett
Jess Mudgett

The Colorado native, Oregon nomad, and Wyoming transplant, Jess Mudgett's bold presence borrows influence from nature to Old West homage, to streetwear. His unique approach resembles flash tattoo art but with extra attention to detail— to make it Mudgett.

Jess Mudgett Artist Collab
Mark Carter Pro Snowboard

Built for rowdier lines, Mark's Cypress binding perfectly compliments his riding style and terrain goals - 1. Ride it fast and 2. Get Buck. The Freeride-focused Cypress is built for response and stability in more technical terrain around the mountain. Featuring Arbor's brand-new BioStrap which integrates the use of materials that take the place of harmful petrol plastics.