The brainchild of Ace Pelka, Arbor's “Rearview” combines style and function on a sleek shaped deck dubbed the "Workhorse". Designed, tested, and perfected by Ace himself.

Watch Ace skate his "Rearview" deck in Hawaii and rip the legendary Wallows ditch as a homage to the Bones Brigade and soak up all the island vibes Oahu has to offer. 

The “Rearview” graphic is our take on the 80's sci-fi horror classic “They Live” while harkening back to Ace’s love of van life and exploration. The deck has a retro feel with a full yellow dip and hits of bright green that pay homage to the vibrant fish boards of the late 80's.

This 10” wide deck has a blunt hammer shaped nose, medium concave and features multiple wheelbase options to adjust responsiveness. It also has wheel wells to maximize clearance when pinching grinds on slappy curbs and taking sharp turns on transition. 

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