The Magic Triangle :: Tyler Warren

"Surfing, shaping, and the art... they all kind of work off each other. It's like a Magic Triangle... they all bounce off each other & keep this ever evolving cycle of fun." - Warren

Since shaping his first board at the age of 14 and becoming a household name in the Southern California surf community, Tyler Warren has reached global status as a craftsman of surf. From an early age people took notice of his unique style which soon after developed into a wide range of fast, responsive, and out-of-the box surfboards!

With over a decade of experience, learning from some of the most iconic shapers of all time, Tyler has sought to evolve all types of surfboard designs. As this evolution turns to dry land, Arbor is pleased to introduce the Tyler Warren Shaper to our Shaper Series!

Agile down the line this collaboration with Tyler, featuring Carver Trucks, comes from a diverse range of influences in surfing, shaping, and art. Hear how this ever evolving cycle of fun, now dubbed “The Magic Triangle,” pushed his progression and brought this board to life!  

Film / Edit / Photos: Nate Shute

Music: “Royale” by Josh Lippi & The Overtimers              

Tyler Warren Shaper

L: 29.00” W: 9.875” WB: 15.50”

The Tyler Warren is based on Tyler's Soap shape, and designed to be a fast, loose, agile down the line, tighter carving skateboard.

Tyler Warren is known for his wide range of fast, responsive, out-of-the box shapes. Tyler is a bit of a prodigy, who has been shaping since he was 14, developing a process over time that draws on a diverse range of influences, years as a sponsored free surfer, and training as an artist.


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