Bryan Iguchi

Bryan Iguchi Headshot
Bryan Iguchi Snowboarding

Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber, Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker, Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard

Goofy | 22" set back 1" | 15°, -6°

Jackson Hole, WY

If you could extract snowboarding’s soul, and distill it in a protected region of the Teton Mountains, you would end up with a substance of distinction and class. You would end up with Bryan Iguchi. Rising to fame in the early 90’s, Bryan first received accolades for his classic style embodied by shifty backside 180’s and characterized by unmistakably frozen denim. Decades later, Bryan has matured into what is possibly the most well respected and smoothest spirit in snowboarding. Few have stood the test of time with as much commitment and dedication as Guch, and we couldn’t be more stoked to move into the next chapter as partners.