Axel Serrat Pro 58mm Sucrose Wheels

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58mm | 80A | CP: 32.0mm | OS: 0.0mm

The Axel Serrat Pro Model Wheel will fulfill all of your hybrid skating needs. It specializes in high speed performance when bombing, slashing, or carving. Axel's wheel has the versatility required for charging on the hill or across any urban setting.

Notable Features

The Sucrose Initiative is a stand alone wheel program. It was created to introduce alternative, environmentally friendly components that improve wheel performance, while reducing the petroleum footprint of urethane, and the environmental impact of slides and long term wear.

Our focus is delivering team rider based designs, creating performance and durability for a wide range of conditions, and helping our customers skate longer and spend less money in the process.

Each Sucrose Formula is made in part using a sugar-based curative. The Sucrose makes our wheels more resistant to deterioration. Hence, they last longer than competitive wheels designed for similar performance.


The Thane Formula is for all the freeriders out there that live for long slides. With less grip and more slip, this formula is ideal for drifting down your local hill and leaving thane lines from top to bottom.


The Groovetube Core has a wide, fiberglass reinforced, "tube" profile that allows the wheel to hold its shape for enhanced performance across a range of conditions. Expect improved grip, roll speed, and better sliding characteristics. The 35mm core means you get more urethane on each wheel for longer wheel life.

  • Size: 58mm
  • Durometer: 80A
  • Contact Patch: 32.0mm
  • Offset: 0.0mm
Axel Serrat Pro 58mm Sucrose Wheels

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Axel Serrat Pro 58mm Sucrose Wheels

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