Good Energy and the New Line - A chat with Jed Sky

Jed Sky looking at Camera

"The energy is good and life is good."

In some wild and unprecedented times it's imperative we check in on the ones we love. While we weather the storm and live at an unusual distance we are doing our best to exist in some form of normal. While our individual experiences are vastly different, we can all use the familiar voice of friends and family as worthwhile check-ins.

Jed Sky is GOOD. Great in-fact. A happy camper dreaming of a very fruitful winter wonderland close to home. We caught up with Jed, eager to chat about big winter dreams, the new Arbor Snow line, and a general "How ya doin?"

Check out this photo of Jed on the NEW DRAFT and HEMLOCK bindings and then check out what he had to say...

Jed Sky Shredding

ARBOR SNOW: How’s the energy? Surrunding shredding, life in general? What are doing to keep on keeping on during these more secluded days?

JED SKY: The energy is good and life is good! I’m lucky to say I have been having a great summer despite all of the craziness that is going on. This odd year has helped me find a lot of time to do things that make me happy; recently I’ve been skateboarding a bunch, hiking and camping, and getting to spend time with close friends and family. I feel very grateful to be able to surround myself with activities, people, and places that help keep the good energy flowing.

AS: You film for anything coming out this season?

JS: I went with the O’Neill crew on a couple of trips last winter to film for a project. Unfortunately, they cut their snowboard program dramatically once COVID hit and are no longer funding the production of the project. Despite all of this the filmer, Max Trudel, is still going to edit the video out of pure passion like the badass he is. So there will be some video to look forward to this fall!

AS: Big travel plans look questionable, where you shredding this winter? What resort?

JS: That’s a great question. Brighton, I hope? Maybe just end up splitboarding or riding New England streets all winter? Plans are uncertain, but I will certainly be boarding.

AS:Film plans this upcoming season?

JS: I would love to!

AS: The new Arbor Snow line just dropped, what board and bindings you juiced for ?

JS: There are so many fun looking boards this year. I am definitely juiced to ride the Bryan Iguchi Pro, Westmark Rocker, and the cask. The A-frame, Crosscut, and Shiloh decks all look super rad, too, I am stoked to check them out. And of course the Hemlock binding is looking great, once again.

AS: System Rocker or System Camber? If both, when do you ride each?

JS: Both are fun and have their places: Rocker in the streets, camber in the ‘country. It’s just about that simple.