Insights & Highlights 25

This November, Arbor will be crossing the 25-year mark. Over the next 12 months, we will celebrate this milestone with the release of limited-edition products and special content highlighting Arbor’s unique history. The centerpiece will be a new documentary film, Crossing the Grain, detailing the very different journey Arbor took through snowboarding and skateboarding.

To kick things off, here is the latest version of our Insights & Highlights reel, a fast-paced look at our ongoing commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, and never-ending pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times that happen along our way.

Arbor Photography Collage

We take great pride in highlighting athletes and artists who support this approach, and contribute so significantly to our efforts. This mindful, more collective style ensures the planet is always considered as we develop unique products for chasing life’s great lines.

Arbor Snowboards Pro Team Rider: Bryan Iguchi

Arbor Collective Artist: Aaron Drapplin of Draplin Design Company (DDC)

We’re proud to have been the first action sports brand specifically established to consider the environment across everything we do. We thought it was funny in the 90s when people would refer to Arbor as that hippy brand. Back then, this was not a compliment. Those days are over thanks to our customers, who understood that protecting the planet is about looking after our shared playground.

Bob Carlson and son

We continue to be motivated by your support

Bob Carlson