Mindfully Crafted Season's Greetings

While your list should remain simple and at the very top should be SNOW (lots of it), followed by a new Arbor Snow setup from your local Arbor dealer (perhaps a Veda + Sequoia bindings?), there are more opportunities to support local artists, farms, and charities that sit near and dear to the core of all us at Arbor snowboards.

Over the years we have strived to align our brand with ambassadors and organizations that value the human experience, protection of the planet, and the promotion of good times (having or providing them). We are proud to share the causes and creations our athletes and ambassadors are aligned with when they are not chasing winter.

Be mindful, move safely, have a wonderful holiday and help make someone else's if you can!

Erik Leon and Mary Rand come together to support the growth of the snowboarding community, raising money for peer mentorship out of the program Portland, Oregon, Snowdays Foundation. Snowdays works to provide mentors of young people a motivating tool which engages students through the challenge of snowboarding and empowers them to apply this physical and mental success in their everyday lives.

- Erik Leon is giving aways his brand new Relapse!

- Mary Rand is giving away a Poparazzi and Acacia bindings!

Bryan Iguchi is certainly a prolific snowboarder and have you seen his art? If you have made it to this page it is highly likely that you have. Featured on the Annex and Bryan Iguchi Pro series year after year, Bryan continues to refine his style and produce acrylic and pen pieces that look as good on the wall as they do on the snowboards he designs. A variety of his work is now available as prints or on your morning mug!

Mark Carter wears many hats and as you may already know, one of them is certainly a cowboy hat. When he is not blazing new trail in the Tetons, Mark works as rancher for the family business to bring top quality beef to the people! The goal at Carter Country Meats is to create a new food model that incorporates regenerative land and ranching practices with sustainable delivery options to deliver the highest quality beef directly to your doorstep. Have a look!