:: Video Lookbook 20/21

Outside with Friends...

25 years of riding with our friends... At the core of the Arbor Snowboards brand is our relationship with one another and the outdoors. Over the years side by side, they have served as an infinite source of inspiration, rejoice, and escape. Built with the attention to detail and coveted as much as each board in the line, our friendships guide our innovation and quality craftsmanship. The nature we enjoy drives our ongoing commitment to the use of sustainable materials and construction methods in order to protect what we love. Mindfully crafted, we are proud to offer our most sustainable line ever.

Arbor Boards in the back of a Pickup
Arbor Snowboard
Arbor Team
Arbor Snowboards Shredding
Arbor Snowboards Shredding
Arbor Snowboards Shredding

After just a couple of days back in the woods with the anticipation of riding in the morning swirling amongst friends, some familiar feelings had finally returned. While we established a new normal, with tents further away, only 2 to a chair, and the family-style food sharing a bit more guarded, it was clear we were all still very much a part of the happiness each of us found in the mountains, although physically further apart. Sure, it wasn't exactly the same, that made it more special. With respect paid to the rules of a 'new normal' we had found a way to be outside with friends, riding together on the mindfully crafted Arbor Snow line.

Arbor Draft Shredding
Erik Leon Taking a Beat
Arbor Snowboards Shredding
Arbor Snowboards Shredding
Scenic landscape shot
Arbor Team shredding together

Video: Sean Lucey - @lucey Photos: Josh Poehlein- @joshuapoehlein Music: @hobo.dave

Athletes: Jed Sky - @jedtheshred Jack Griffin - @Jgriffin__ Mary Rand - @bigairmare Erik Leon - @Erikleon_ Hayden Tyler @hayden.tyler Justin Norman - jdnormanText