The Whiskey Legacy Series

Modern takes on some of our favorite street shapes from the 80s and 90s.

The Martillo is built on 7 Canadian Hardrock Maple with a blunt hammer shaped nose, wider platform, and shorter wheelbase for street skating and tight transitions. Length: 32.365" | Width: 8.875" | Wheelbase: 14.625"

Whiskey Legacy Series Martillo Closeup

All Legacy Completes now feature Ace 55 Classic Trucks, Arbor Revert 56mm 92A Wheels, and Arbor ABEC5 Bearings

The Cucharon has a traditional spoon shaped nose, wide platform, and mid-length wheelbase for shredding large transitions and is built with 7 Plies of Canadian Hardrock Maple. Length: 32.365" | Width: 8.75" | Wheelbase: 14.75"

The Pistola is built on 7 Canadian Hardrock Maple Plies with a classic bullet shaped nose, wide platform, and longer wheelbase for versatile, all-purpose skating. Length: 33.50” | Width: 9.25" | Wheelbase: 15.50”

Cucharon legacy 19 skateboard