Whiskey Project - The Southwest

When some friends in the Southwest sent us a list of 50 spots, we knew the next Whiskey Team trip was locked-in. Twenty plus ditches, street spots, legendary parks, and more were ready and waiting for us. We picked our favorites and hit the road.

Watch the video to see what went down, including Shuriken Shannon ripping big spots with his classic style, Josh Stafford finding lines only he can think of, and Jesse Arrowood going hard on everything in front of him. Oh yea, we also camped and enjoyed the sights, because skate trips are always about a solid mix of good times and great lines.

Shuriken Shannon Skateboarding
Shuriken Shannon Talking
Josh Stafford Skateboarding Abandoned Tube
Josh Stafford
Jesse Arrowood
Jesse Arrowood carrying Arbor Whiskey 8.5 Team Board
Arbor Skate Team watching Sunset

Whiskey 8.25 Shuriken Deck

Cucharon Legacy Complete

Whiskey 8.25 Team