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Jason Borgstede from Blue & Gold AK - Anchorage, AK

Their existence is imperative to the well-being of snowboarding and will continue to be our foundation moving forward.

Finding ourselves in wild and unforeseen times, we are wishing that you and yours are staying safe, healthy, aware, and empathetic as the world navigates such a trying event. During these times the shops that build, foster, and create the culture that surrounds snowboarding are taking adaptive and innovative measures to (responsibly) keep their doors open either at a safe distance for pickup, and/or existing in the digital world. Their existence is imperative to the well-being of snowboarding and will continue to be our foundation moving forward. Please support them if you can.

This week we look at few incredible shops in the Northwest. Ty Toler from the Northwest Road Reps crew talks to Tactics (headquartered in Eugene, OR) and highlights some other shops still slinging gear and how you can get a hold of them.

BLUE & GOLD - Anchorage, AK

Check it out!

  • 30-50% off winter gear, 1st time users on the site can get an additional 10% off when entering their email!
  • Local delivery and curbside pickup.
  • Look out for Also - "My Ride" YouTube series where we showcase shop riders favorite boards!

Check out their socials and help them keep the dream alive in Anchorage, AK:

US Outdoor - Portland, OR  

Can we get the goods from a far?

  • Local delivery and curbside pickup everyday 12pm - 5 pm
  • Drop off and Pickup at Repair Shop too!
  • Check their "Watch Parties" on their Instagram
  • Thanks for being the main Portland drop supporting #GogglesforDocs - Reach out with goggle donations of 10 or more

Check out their socials and keep supporting USOutdoors and the city of Portland, OR:

Tactics - Eugene, OR  

Tactics tell all:

How are sales going for you right now? Are you doing curbside pickup, local delivery, anything like that?

  • We had to close our 3 shops due to the virus, but we’ve recently started offering by-appointment-only shopping for skate gear. If you know what you’re looking for, you can call one of our three shops and set up a time to come by and get what you need. Our online shop at continues to operate as normal.

Any feedback from customers through social media on what they are looking for from you/your brands?

  • We’re seeing our and other brand’s how-to, behind-the-scenes, and informative content get more views and requests. Any helpful bits of info, or unique stories are resonating more as we have time on our hands to learn and mentally explore.

Whats your shops social media handle?

  • Follow us at @tactics.
  • Share your socially-isolated clips with us using #catcharip. We pick a few favs to feature on the feed every Friday.

Any Shop promotions or social media promotions you are running right now?

  • We’re hooking customers up with 40% OFF Selected Apparel and up to 50% OFF Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories. Check it out at

Sending our best to all that have been affected by the pandemic, and reminding you to stay safe, healthy, and mindful during these trying times :)