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71mm | 78A | CP: 56.0mm | OS: 2.5mm

Designed to tackle technical downhill roads, the Summit provides a rare balance of grip and drift performance. Mid-angle lips and our 78A Apex Formula urethane offer ample grip in tight corners while a mid-sized 56mm contact patch and an offset Groovetube Core allow smooth transitions in and out of slides. 

Notable Features

Team tested on mountain grades, neighborhood steeps, and city streets, our Signature Series uses high performance urethanes, exclusive shapes, and fiberglass reinforced cores for enhanced control, roll speed, and durability in all conditions.


Built for the mountains, ultra high-rebound urethane makes this formula the fastest and grippiest in our line. 


A wide "tube" profile holds the urethane's shape under demanding conditions to offer improved grip, roll speed, slide characteristics, and durability. 


  • Size: 71mm
  • Durometer: 78A
  • Contact Patch: 56.0mm
  • Offset: 2.5mm
  • Sharp Lip
  • Stone Ground
  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • Returning Roots

  • Forest to Forest