Under the odd name of DZO (in capital letters) is Olivier, a self-taught artist and freelance designer from the South of France. Thanks to a family with an artistic affinity, Olivier graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Toulouse and begun a successful career in graphic design. But with the creation of the artistic counterpart that is DZO, the French artist wished to go deeper into his exploration of the “noosphere”, a philosophical concept about human thought.

His art, speaks to the old etchings and engravings of religious and occult manuscripts, flirts with alchemy, witchcraft and blasphemy. It is at the same time disturbing, haunting and stimulating. His intricate drawings, full of enigmatic detail, mix sensuality, darkness and mythology. The message beyond the lines are sibylline, surrounding the world of DZO with mystery and fascination.

Instagram: @dzoolivier