Perspectives - Axel Serrat

Axel Serrat illustrates his unique skateboarding perspective by taking us on a journey through the hills and street spots scattered throughout his hometown of Barcelona, Spain.

Video: Marcos Lozano | Photo: David Susko

Environments mold our approaches to skateboarding, but every rider finds their own ways to engage with their surroundings. The dense urban infrastructure of Barcelona exposed Axel Serrat to a rich mixture of ledges, stairs, rails, and banks spread across sprawling hillsides. Pairing a creative mindset paired with downhill experience in neighboring mountain ranges, Axel built a skillset that allows him to skate street spots on steep hills that most would avoid.

"Some people ask me 'Why do you skate a longboard?', and the answer is easy; that's what I enjoy. It doesn't matter, just skate whatever you want and improve yourself."