The Photo Collection Ft. Cole Beal

A collaboration with Encinitas based photographer, Cole Beal. Designed as a tribute to the journey, the destination, and the moment.

Surfing and skateboarding are not only about the simple act of riding a board. Routinely, we spend more time planning the trip, assembling the crew and traveling to the destination. Getting there, whether you're in a '68 Volkswagen or on a 35" cruiser, can often be the greatest part of the experience.

Dropcruiser and Axis 40 Photo Collection

Our 2020 Photo Collection embraces that mindset by reminding us of the classic rigs that have been bringing people to the water for decades. Photographer Cole Beal grew up surfing and skating the Southern California coastline, and his work artistically documents the people, places and culture surrounding the pursuit of playing on waves.

"Shooting surf was really the first thing that peaked my interest artistically. I found a certain fascination with the ocean's ability to always bring me back to center and was compelled to share that with others" - Beal

"Cars have always been integral to the surf community. It is not only the way that you get the the beach, but also where you take your nap in between sessions." - Beal

Featuring a range of board styles, the Photo Collection has a natural fit for whatever terrain you find in front of you. The Mission and Pilsner offer response and agility for tighter barrels and urban adventures, while the Dropcruiser and Axis 40 provide comfort and stability for larger waves and longer journeys. Where will your next trip take you?

"I have come to realize that the journey is all we really get. Every moment whether ideal or imperfect can be viewed as worthwhile and lifegiving when looked at from a few steps back. They're all we get, so don't let it slip." - Beal